E.42. Survey on pain and neuropathy related to AIDS,

cancers and Multiple Sclerosis.

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Survey on pain and neuropathy related to AIDS, ...

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We would like to get in touch with people suffering from chronic pain (or having suffered from pain in the last 12 months) for a medical research study conducted in France, Germany, UK and Spain.

Fieldwork International, a medical market research company would like to speak to people suffering from neuropathic pain, due to various medical conditions : cancer or chemotherapy, AIDS/HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes.

We are asking people who correspond to the profile we are looking for, to take part in a confidential telephone interview talking about their pain and the medication used.

The participants will receive an incentive of 40 Euros/£25 in the form of vouchers, to thank them for their time and help.

We would like to be able to re-contact the participants for future projects of the same nature.

Identity and details of the participatns will be kept confidential and will not be revealed to a third party.

To participate, or for further information, please contact :

Sophie Wintrich,

telephone on 00 +44 208 246 4650,

Freephone number for France : 0800 918 634

or per email on: REF5085@fieldworkinternational.com

P.S.: This study will be conducted until the 28th of March.

After this date, people can contact us on the freephone number to take part in future projects about mainly the following subjects: AIDS/HIV, diabetes, cancers, asthma, genital herpes, Alzheimer's disease.

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