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This is the first medical inquiry on the internet, as far as we know, conceveid by POSITIFS Association, in the only interest of seropositive persons, and independly of any lobby. This inquiry is of the highest importance, as it should allow to establish a relatively exhaustive assessment of the different treaments now used by seropositive patients, evaluate their comparative efficiency, and if possible open the way to a treatment reduction.

It is scientifically correct to admit that efficient antiretroviral therapies must be maintained for life (or at least seven years, on the basis of mathematical models). An interruption of the treatment could rapidly lead to an increase of the viral load. This fact is reported in some rare articles of the literature, and is coherent with the stop before term of the intermittent assay 5-0-5 of Dr J. Leibowitch. However, numerous cases, not always anecdotal, indicate that some seropositive patients could stop their antiretroviral therapy, without consequence neither on the viral load, nor on the CD4 count. On the other hand, it is incontestable that any reduction of the antiretroviral posology induces resistances, possibly leading to therapeutical failure. This inquiry aims at collecting as many informations as possible, concerning the effects of a momentary, repeated or definitive stop of the antiretroviral treatment, on the development of the HIV infection. Because of the heterogeneity of the clinical and biological evolution of the disease, and of the heterogeneity of the responses to the treatments, according to the individuals, we would like to obtain as many answers as possible, in order to make a statistical treatment, that could lead to lightened treatments protocoles, classical or classical-alternative, and target the seropositive persons who could beneficiate of this treatment, with a minimal risk.

The result of this inquiry will be presented in the next international conferences, and on our web site : <http://www.positifs.org/>

NDLR : Before disposing of a system that will allow you to directly answer to this anonymous questionnaire (through the submit button), you can fill it up on the screen, save it and joins the file to a mail. You can also print it and send it by postal mail. Thanks for your participation.
  • Date of your contamination or of the hiv+ diagnostic:
  • Main opportunistic infections contracted:
  • Dic you have any Kaposi lesions before the starting of the antiretroviral treatment?
    1 YES

    2 NO

If YES, did you notice a diminution of these lesions under antiretroviral treatment ?

    3 YES

    4 NO

  • Starting of an antiviral therapy (official or alternative):
5 less than a year

6 more than a year

7 more than two years

8 more than 3 years (in this case, indicate the duration) :

  • Under which antiviral therapy are you today?
9 classical antiviral bitherapy (precise):

10 classical antiviral tritherapy (precise):

11 classical antiviral polytherapy (precise):

12 alternative treatments

13 used in combination with classical treatments

14 used alone

15 nutritionnal complements (vitamines, oligo-elements)

16 phyto- and aromatherapy

17 homeopathy

18 acupuncture

19 techniques of relaxation and stress control

20 corporal techniques


22 other (precise):

  • Efficiency of your treatments: for the last year, did you notice on your checkup:


and clinical

an improvement



an stability



a deterioration



  • Did you notice a decrease of your libido under antiretroviral treatment:
29 YES

30 NO

  • Do you follow a prophylaxy of opportunistic infections?
31 bactrim

32 aerosol

33 other (precise):

  • Your biological analysis today:
34 absolute number of CD4 cells:

35 viral load: (copies/ml) / (log)

  • Did you ever stop your antiviral treatment?
36 YES

37 NO

      when you had a viral load:

38 undetectable

39 detectable (precise the value): (copies/ml) / (log)

40 more than a week

41 more than 15 days

42 more than a month

43 more than 3 months

44 random way (in case of drug addiction for instance)

  • Did you ever break the prophylaxy of opportunistic infections?
45 more than a month

46 more than 3 months

47 more than 6 months

  • What were the reasons that motivated the stop of the antiviral treatment?


      48 intolerance (which side effect):

      49 personnal choice

      50 stock rupture in pills

      51 other (precise):

  • What were the consequences of the stop of the treatment on:

    - the absolute number of CD4 cells:

      52 decrease (how much):

      53 stability

      54 increase (how much):

    - the viral load:

      55 incease (of how many copies/ml) :

      56 stability

      57 decrease (of how many copies/ml):

    - the apparition of opportunistic infections:

      58 no

      59 apparition of one or several opportunistic infections:

        60 pneumocystosis

        61 toxoplasmosis

        62 other (precise):

  • When returning to the same treatment, efficiency reappeared:

    - concerning the CD4 cells:

      63 back to the value before treatment interruption
        64 after which delay:

      65 decrease in spite of the return to the treatment

      66 greather value before treatment interruption

        67 after which delay:

    - concerning the viral load:

      68 back to the value before treatment interruption
        69 after which delay:

      70 increase in spite of the return to the treatment

      71 decrease in spite of the return to the treatment

        72 after which delay:
  • Would you like to participate to protocoles with intermittent or alterned treatment with determination of the viral load and CD4 cell count every 15 days?


      73 YES

      74 NO

  • Do you have any comment concerning this inquiry (your expectations and suggestions for the next inquiries)?



We guarantee the confidentiality of the informations transmitted by e-mail
or by Internet, in the limit of the possibilities of these information transmision media
(encoding is not entirely reliable and it's use is forbiden in some countries).
People prefering the postal way may also send us, anonymously, this questionnaire to:

Association POSITIFS
BP 230
75865 Paris cedex 18, France




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