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Connie Crothers


Connie Crothers



Connie Crothers is currently performing in a quartet which she co-leads with alto saxophonist Richard Tabnik, featuring Roger Mancuso on drums (the drummer in Lennie Tristano's last performing band) and Ratzo Harris on bass.
In this quartet, the four musicians -- each outstanding as individuals -- through spontaneous improvisation based on original compositions or standards, merge into a band organism that expresses originality and expressive power. In the three years that this band has been appearing, it has received critical acclaim.

The band released a CD in 2001, "Ontology," with Sean Smith on bass, on the New Artists label. In Cadence, David Lewis wrote, "The quartet is in brilliant driving form."Ontology" sustains the most exhilarating and inventive hard bop I have heard in many years and I imagine that to catch this band on a good night must be awesome."
In 2001 the quartet performed at the JVC Jazz Festival. With the addition of Andy Fite, guitarist, and with Ulf Akerhielm on bass, the band performed at Club Fasching in Stockholm and in Estonia. In 2002, the band appeared at Birdland and at Faust Harrison in New York City. With poet Mark Weber, the band performed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and at Lotus Music and Dance in New York City. In February this year the quartet performed at Small's in New York City.

Connie has performed duo during 2001-2002 with Max Roach in Bologna, Italy, Tokyo, Japan, the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Harvard University, where she was awarded Honorary Jazz Master. Her duet CD with Mr. Roach, Swish," received four-star reviews in Down Beat when it was first issued in 1984 and again when it was reissued in 1994. She performed with Mr. Roach in 1983 as part of a collaboration with dancers Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane and their dance company at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

She has just released a duet CD with guitarist Bud Tristano, "Primal Elegance," which immediately received several rave reviews. This duo performed in October, 2002, at Faust Harrison in New York City.

She performed with alto saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc, trumpeter Nathan Breedlove, bassist Adam Lane and drummer John McCutcheon at the Vision Festival, 2003 in New York City.

Connie Crothers studied with Lennie Tristano who had such high regard for her work he presented her as a soloist in Carnegie Recital Hall in 1972, 1977 and 1978. When, in 1978, her first record "Perception," was released on the SteepleChase label, he inscribed, "Connie Crothers is the most original musician it has ever been my privilege to work with."
When "Perception" was reissued in 1983 on Inner City, it was selected as one of the ten best records of the year by Mark Weber in Coda. When it was reissued in 1986, Patrick Williams chose it for record of the month in a French magazine, saying, "The music of Connie Crothers causes the listener to experience a captivating joy." When it was reissued in 1995,
Claude Colpaert selected it as record of the month in the French magazine Jazz Hot.

She performed with Warne Marsh, once in Carnegie Recital Hall, with Roger Mancuso and Joe Solomon, in 1974, and again in 1980 at the Village Vanguard where she co-lead with Mr. Marsh a quartet which featured Eddie Gomez on bass and Peter Scattaretico on drums.

Her solo engagements include the Berlin Festival, The DuMaurier International Festival in Toronto, Canada, New Music America Festival in Washington D.C., Middleheim in Antwerp, Belgium.

She has co-lead a quartet with tenor saxophonist Lenny Popkin, featuring Carol Tristano, drums and Cameron Brown or Rich Califano on bass. This band performed in leading venues in Europe, Canada and the U.S. including The Blue Note, Sweet Basil and Birdland in New York City, the DuMaurier International Festival in Toronto, the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, de Singel in Antwerp, Bim House in Amsterdam.

Many of Connie's recordings have been selected by critics for inclusion in their best of the year lists: "Duo Dimension," a duet recording with Richard Tabnik, by Lois Moody, Ottowa Citizen; "Love Energy," Connie Crothers-Lenny Popkin quartet, voted #1 record of the year, by Jack Cooke, Wire, "In Motion," Connie Crothers-Lenny Popkin quartet, selected for top 50 recordings of the year in Jazz Hot; her solo recording "Music from Everyday Life" was chosen by John Sutherland for his list of the ten best records of the year in Coda.

Other recordings received critical acclaim. Writing about her solo CD "Concert at Cooper Union," John Sutherland described it as a "powerful two-handed style, percussive and explorative. Her sudden descent to a crystal-toned delicacy permits the lyrical aspects to blossom with awe-inspiring beauty. Her closing 'Trilogy' is a study in mood shifts, ranging from a deep foreboding to a spirited explosion of joy."

Connie appeared on Marian McPartland's radio program on NPR.

She is the founder and president of New Artists Records, a cooperative label.

In Cadence, she was chosen for inclusion in the selection of the most important and influential musicians in the last twenty-five years.

She teaches improvisation in her studio in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Connie Crothers-Lenny Popkin Quartet : Love Energy

Photos : Chuck Stewart

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Crothers_Love Energy

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Michael Felberbaum

Michael Felberbaum



Since he moved to Paris in 1990, guitarist and composer Michael Felberbaum has been collaborating with numerous jazz musicians, contributing to decisive projects, the most recent including a duo with trombonist Daniel Casimir, " Ilium " with Pierre De Bethmann, the Toufic Farroukh Absolut Orkestra, Manu Dibango, Steve Lehman, Stéphane Persiani, Steve Potts, Sylvain Beuf, François Theberge, and also a trio with Emmanuel Bex and Aldo Romano.

Ready and desirous to conduct his own project, MICHAEL FELBERBAUM decided to record his own compositions with saxophonist Matthieu Donarier, Daniel Humair's "protégé" and active member of the contemporary jazz scene, doublebass player Diego Imbert, known for his work with guitarist Bireli Lagrene and member of the Sylvain Beuf Trio, and drummer Karl Jannuska, who has recorded and toured with Lee Konitz, Seamus Blake, and Sheila Jordan among others. The result of this collaboration is the album SHARP WATER, released in April 2004 on the French label Nocturne to the acclaim of the French press.

The Music on SHARP WATER reveals complex melodic and rhythmic structures in composition where a balance of intellect and emotion, structure and improvisation is struck by a perfectly attuned quartet.
As a leader, MICHAEL FELBERBAUM shows great intelligence, playing with precision, density and lyricism. His wonderfully chiselled guitar lines create the elegance of phrasing, clarity and beauty to which Sylvain Luc refers when he talks about the guitarist's interpretation.
With SHARP WATER, Michael Felberbaum asserts himself as a tremendous composer.

After a performance in autumn 2003 at the " Studio Charles Trénet " (La Maison de la Radio France), and two concerts on the 3rd and 4th of June 2004 at the parisian jazz club " Le Duc des Lombards ", MICHAEL FELBERBAUM is ready expand the live SHARP WATER experience.


Guitarist, composer and arranger Michael Felberbaum played his first gigs in Roman jazz clubs when he was 15.

In 1985 he settled in the USA and worked with Frank Lacey, Antonio Hart, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman, Mark Turner, the poet Allen Ginsburg, the Marvelettes, and Maria Muldaur among others. He also worked with his own projects and developed his personal voice as a composer. At the same time he attended the composition and arrangement courses at the Berklee School of Music and graduated Bachelor of Music with special distinction " Magna Cum Laude ".

In 1991 Michael moved to Paris in 1991 where he recorded and performed with Johnny Griffin, Alain Jean Marie, Stefano Di Battista, Stéphane Belmondo, George Brown, Sunny Murray, François and Louis Moutin, Hal Singer, Zool Fleischer, Brice Wassy, Adel Shams El Din and St. Germain, among others.

He has been a member of the Steve Potts Quartet since 1995, where his compositions form an essential part of the repertoire. He participated in the Django d'Or jazz awards in 1998 with the François Théberge Quartet, and again in 2002 with Emmanuel Bex and Aldo Romano.

Michael has contributed to numerous projects as both guitarist and composer : the trio " 3 Éléments " with cellist Dimos Goudaroulis and drummer John Betsch, the duo with trombonist Daniel Casimir, Pierre De Bethmann " Ilium ", the Stéphane Persiani Quintet " Complexion ", L'Orchestre de la Lune, Toufic Farroukh, and the trio with Emmanuel Bex & Aldo Romano.

Michael has created music and brought together the exceptional musicians that bring it to life on MICHAEL FELBERBAUM "SHARP WATER"

Selective Discography:

  • Michael Felberbaum " SHARP WATER " - Nocturne,2004
  • "Michel Donato and Friends" &endash; Effendi (to be released 2004/5)
  • Daniel Casimir " Eros et Thanatos " - Yolk, 2004
  • Pierre De Bethmann " ILIUM " Quintet &endash; Effendi/Naïve, 2003
  • Emmanuel Bex " Electric Jaz(z)z " - Naive , 2002
  • Michael Felberbaum & Daniel Casimir " Diffuse Useful Overtones " , Greenjay, 2001
  • Stéphane Persiani " Complexion " - Shai/Sony Music, 2001
  • Meta " Secret History " - Greenjay, 2001
  • Steve Potts " Wet Spot " - wetspot@stevepotts.net, 2001
  • Chris Cody Coalition - Quoi De Neuf Docteur/Night and Day, 1996
  • Igal Foni/Michael Felberbaum "For Elevators ? " - JAZZIS, 1995


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Byard Lancaster

Byard Lancaster



Lancaster, (William) Byard, "Thunderbird," saxophones, flutes, clarinets, voice, piano, percussion; b. 6 August 1942, Chestnut Hill Hospital, Phil., PA..

His ancestors were involved in a historic slave uprising in 1743. His parents, both born in Gloucester, Va., were Wilbert C. and Minerva Ann Gregory Lancaster. His siblings are Bert Lancaster (b. 1928; three daughters), a political consultant in Philadelphia; Oliver Lancaster, Ed.D., an education consultant in Maryland and Mary Ann Lancaster Tyler, PhD in Ethnomusicology (b. in Phil., married with one son), a former music teacher who has worked on projects with Byard. Bert and Oliver were born in West Chester, Pa., but by the time Mary Ann and Byard were born the family weas living in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. Mary Ann played piano before Byard did and got him interested in music by the age of four and a half. By five he was studying saxophone.

Lancaster attended Emlen Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, and Germantown High School (graduated 1960). By the age of 14 he was working with drummer J.R. Mitchell. During high school he studied at Settlement Music School from 1958, the first black student there. He then went to Shaw University in North Carolina (1960-61), Boston University (1961-62 school year), and Berklee (overlapping with BU, 1961-64), including studied in music education. He studied further in 1974 through Howard University's "University Without Walls" program, and has studied harmony privately with Odean Pope since 2000.

Over the years he has worked with Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, Johnny Copeland, Bill Dixon, Philly Joe Jones, Don Moye, Trudy Pitts and many others, throughout Europe and the United States.
He taught in Kingston, Jamaica (ca. 1983-5) and has also taught for years in Philadelphia as well as teaching guest workshops at Berklee, Harvard, and other universities and schools.
A regular street performer since 1978, he attracted media attention and public support when he was arrested on November 7, 2000, and charged with disorderly conduct. The charge was subsequently dismissed.

His children are Peter (who was given for adoption by his grandfather), Brian and Cash (children of Diane in Phil.), Raquel (child of Carla in Allentown, Pa.), Marianne and Alicia (children of Maureen in Mass.), and Faythallegra (child of Lillian in NYC).


Leader: It's Not Up to Us (1966); God Be In Us; and seven other CDs

Sideperson: James Baldwin (reading) et al: A Lover's Question (1986,87 and 89)

Also recordings with: Bill Laswell, Odean Pope, Larry Young, Funkadesie, Sunny Murray, Sonny Sharrock, Karl Berger, Khan Jamal, Ronald S. Jackson, And others...


Kai Gregory, "Sounding a Blue Note," Philadelphia Weekly, 18 Dec. 2002

Charing A. Ball, "Byard Lancaster: Jazz Great Campaigns for the Rights of Street Musicians," Germantown Courier, 20 Nov. 2002

Books by Lancaster: Horn Works; Brain Works; Blood Works



Prefers contact by fax: 215 842 1340


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Sarah Morrow





Successful young trombonist Sarah Morrow is rising fast to the top of that "new breed" of passionate jazz musicians the entertainment media is raving about. Hardworking, communicative and dedicated, her uniquely lush sound and strong sense of rhythm have enabled Ms. Morrow to make waves among both critics and her growing audience.

From Pickerington, Ohio, Ms. Morrow began playing trombone at age 12 in her school band. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications at Ohio University and working in arts administration for two years, she decided to return to her first love, music. Specifically, jazz.

Since then, Ms. Morrow has achieved numerous goals well beyond her years. She has received international recognition and critical acclaim performing and touring as a sideman with many great artists. She also leads her own quintet and has recorded a solo album, "Greenlight," on the French label RDC Records distributed by Summit Records in the USA.

Discovered by Ray Charles, Ms. Morrow is the first female instrumentalist to become a member of his orchestra. She toured with the legendary pianist and singer from November 1995 through May 1997 and left the group to join Foley, Miles Davis' lead bass player, in Europe as part of a three-part horn section playing funk.

After this, she returned to Europe to tour with Grammy award-winning vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater, performing in a big band directed by Cecil Bridgewater.

While in Paris, Sarah was honored by the invitation of one of the fathers of Reggae music, Rico Rodriguez, to perform with him onstage at the New Morning Jazz Club. Since March 1998, Sarah has continued to perform with Ms. Bridgewater in France and Africa and has played and/or toured with saxophonist Ricky Ford, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, pianist Hank Marr, drummer Jim Rupp and flutist James Spaulding. Sarah Morrow recently toured in England and Spain with saxophone great David Murray in his octet's tribute to John Coltrane.


Sarah Morrow has recently taken Europe by storm. Last year the release of her first album, "Greenlight" --featuring Antoine Roney (tenor sax), Jaz Sawyer (drums), Ugonna Ukegwo (bass), Kazi Oliver (percussion) and James Hurt (piano)--won critical acclaim and launched her career as a prominent soloist, bandleader, and composer /arranger. Ms. Morrow's quintet has performed and received rave reviews at numerous jazz festivals, including the Nice Jazz Festival, Paris JVC Jazz Festival, and the Marciac Jazz Festival, to name just a few. Special guests Jacky Terrasson (piano), James Hurt (piano), Scott Amendola (drums) and Ricky Ford (tenor sax) have been among the artists to perform under Sarah's leadership. In addition, the Sarah Morrow Quintet has opened for jazz luminaries Chick Corea, Ray Barretto and Kenny Garrett.

Such talents have given Ms. Morrow unprecedented press access, both in her home country and around the world. Among her many radio and TV broadcasts, Sarah was a guest on the M6 channel "Jazz 6" program hosted by Phillipe Adler (3 million viewers), an appearance which included a 20 minute interview and a solo performance. She has also appeared on the French Comedie Network and "DJTV" (Tiblisi, Republic of Georgia), on "Saturday Live" (London), on several commercials and at the "Lugano Estival Jazz," in Switzerland.

In between tours, Ms. Morrow enjoys her work as a clinician and guest soloist for junior high, high school and colleges such as Ohio University (Athens, Ohio), Mallone College (Canton, Ohio), FNAC (Paris, France) and Jazz Festival École de Jazz (Aix en Provence, France).

Ms Morrow has been chosen to do the "Rising Star Tour" in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the Fall of 2001. This tour with her own Quintet presenting the music of "Greenlight". Following this tour the band recorded Ms Morrow's second album for RDC Records called "Standards and Other Stories" featuring guest artists such as David Murray and French vocalist Anne Ducros.

It is a blend of beautifully arranged Standards by Sarah, like the intelligent clashing blend of be bop heads of "Anthropology" to the meter changes of "A Night in Tunisia", like her dreamy interpretation of "Do Nothing 'til You Hear from me" and to the intricate "Moanin'" of Charles Mingus where Clarence Seay plays the devoted part of barytone player Pepper Adams and David Murray plays his powerful solo that was once devoted to Jackie Mc Lean.

Creative originals like "Leaving Home" shows a Swing/Latin feel which will make you want to move your feet with the rhythm, heartbreaking ballad like "It's Getting Late Now" written (words and music by Sarah) for her dad.

"Standards and Other Stories" is a journey through different moods and atmospheres. To the opening solo piece to the ending Septet, Sarah takes you in her world of diversity

Ms. Morrow is endorsed by the Getzen/Edwards Instrument Company and has been a prominent artist in their sales campaigns since 2000.
Sarah has been touring with her regular bands in support to this album, in Spain, Italy and France in the fall of 2002. Playing in great festivals as JVC Jazz Festival Paris, Nancy Jazz Pulsations France, Italy for the Brass Group and Spain in 7 cities.

What the Critics Say about Sarah Morrow in the USA

"...a superior show...an exceptional musician. Frankly, I was blown away...."
(W. Royal Stokes, renowned jazz author, contributor to the annual DownBeat Critics Poll, and former editor of "Jazz Notes").

"Sarah Morrow plays and leads with a ferocity that defies comparison to any of her trombone contemporaries. "Greenlight" is full of curves and textures that will awake the sensibilities of those who seek an original sound. Outstanding !" (Kevin O'Connor/Music Director-KBEM-Minneapolis).

"...wonderful changes of pace and style!" (Tony Gasparre, Music Director, WGMC, New York).

"...pleasant surprise...looking forward to Sarah's progression as an artist in the future." (Dwayne Breashears, Program Director, WWOZ, New Orleans).

"Trombonist Sarah Morrow has it all : creative music with a strong foundation and superb musical skills╔╔" (Jim Santella, All about Jazz.com).

"...pure and artistic..." (Jim Edwards, Program Director, WCLK , Atlanta, Ga).

"Morrow and company delve into this force earnestly and frequently on mostly originals╔..Morrow shows she knows her way around a wide musical terrain"
(Ron Kemm, Jazz Review.com)


Leader :

Greenlight, RDC Records, 1999.
Standards and Other Stories, RDC Records, 2002.

Sidewoman/Special guest :

Tony Monaco, Summit Records, 2001.
Anne Ducros, Disques Dreyfus, 2002.
Katy Roberts, The Vibe, 2002.


Photo of Marc Masschelein


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Photos of " 2 A "

Sarah Morrow def 4_2

Sarah Morrow def 5_3

Sarah Morrow def 5_3_Agra

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Loop productions

Tel :
Fax :

E-mail : jeannoel@looproductions.com

Goto : Jazz en Live at La Comedia


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Sylvain Cathala - tenor saxophone, composition
Stéphane Payen - alto saxophone
Jean-Philippe Morel - contrabass
Frank Vaillant - drums

Created around his compositions in 1996 by Sylvain Cathala, Print offers a singular musical world. Endowed with an original instrumentation, it elaborates an organic and fluid music, constantly renewed, which appeals to the listener's memory. Print was awarded the jury's special prize at the Avignon Jazz springboard festival in 1999 and the second prize for composition at the Paris Defense national Jazz festival in 1998. In 2003, Print has given more 70 concerts in France and abroad (festivals, clubs, concert-halls).
Sylvain Cathala play VANDOREN reeds / Frank Vaillant play SABIAN.


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Photograph: Nicolas Kontos

Photograph: Frank Vaillant ; Design : Caroline Romijn

Print_[A.ka] Dreams.jpg
Photograph: Christophe Lavergne ; Design : Jean Depagne

New CD :

[a.ka] Dreams (Yolk records / Abeille)
Jazz Man : ++++
Jazz Magazine : Selection in "2003 en Émois"
L'Humanité : "sélection disque de Noël"

Other PRINT Recordings :

- [a.ka] Dreams, PRINT (Yolk / Abeille, Oct. 2003), Jazz Man (++++)

- Isphero, PRINT (FTM, 2000), Jazz Man (+++)

- La Nébuleuse / Continentale, Collectif Hask (Plush Records, Nov. 2003), Jazz Man (++++)

International distribution

- For [a.ka] Dreams : by <www.abeillemusique.com>

- For Isphero by www.jazzvalley.com

Next Concerts (2004) :


16 january, 17h30 : FNAC Montparnasse (Paris 6°) + interview

05 march : Pannonica (Nantes)

06 march : VIP (St Nazaire, to be confirmed)

09 march : Paris (to be confirmed)

07 april : Tennessee Jazz Club (Paris)

Avril : Show case Fnac (Paris)

April - may : Orléans (to be confirmed)

10-13 may : Constantine (Algérie) (to be confirmed)

21-23 may : Norvège (to be confirmed)

29 mai : show case (Lens) (to be confirmed)

29 may : Lens

30 may : Festival (to be confirmed)

17 June : Bruxelles (Belgium)

31 july : Festival (to be confirmed)

10 & 11 december : Lille, Lens (to be confirmed)

14 december : Gand (Belgium) (to be confirmed)

15 december : Marni theater, Bruxelles (Belgium) (to be confirmed)

16 december : Valenciennes (to be confirmed)

18 december : Club Jazz 8, Spy (Belgium) (to be confirmed)

Perfomance references :

AMR (Suisse), Festival PRÉSENCES 2002 (France Musique's concert), Radio France (France Culture's concert), Duc des Lombards, Sunset Jazz Club, Sunside Jazz Club, 7 Lézards, Attirail, Tennessee Jazz Club (Festival "Esprit Jazz"), FNAC Montparnasse, Atmosphère Jazz Club, Le Chat Noir, La Fenêtre, Les Broches à l'Ancienne, FNAC Etoile, Les Falaises, L'Olympic Café LMP, Studio des Islettes, Le Triton, Instants Chavirés, La Fabrica'Son, D Jazz au Bistrot-La Fraternelle, Moulin de la vapeur, Ici d'Ailleurs, MLAC (D Jazz à Nevers), la Malterie (Lille), Lens, Tarbes (Jazz à Luz), Jazz Club de Châlon-sur-Saône, Niort, Poitiers...

Press review :

" Four years after " Isphero", Print's first release, "[a.ka] Dreams " reaches a new stage. Contrabassist Jean-Philippe Morel has joined the quartet (in replacement for celloist Jean Yves Gratius) with drummer Frank Vaillant, alto saxophonist Stephane Payen and tenor saxophonist, leader and composer Sylvain Cathala as partners. If Print was born as a Steve Coleman heritage (the first piece recalls it) it distinguishes itself from it with a more and more personal style which does not leave out collective fervour. "[a.ka] Dreams", a four-movement suite, combines language fluidity with elaborate structures. The basis the contrabassist supplies bears the whole piece towards new dynamics and tightens the knots between each voice. Frank Vaillant and Jean-Philippe Morel make up subtle and ethereal rhythmics, propelling the wind instrument performers into multiple variations. A controlled profusion as mindful of melodies as of the sweetness of improvisations. (the alto / tenor association). "
A successful balancing act which reveals a serene liberty.
Jazz Man, Novembre 2003, (++++), (CD [a.ka] Dreams, YOLK 2003).

" The Yolk label is loved for its rebellious and limits free mindset in musical genres , for its improvised music pieces whose only guide is today's jazz... A real improvisation domain which sets a new landmark in its course with this second Print album. The projects's musical basis is simple : two outstanding saxophonists given a free rein (Sylvain Cathala and Stephane Payen) and a rhythm section composed of Jean-Philippe Morel (contrabass) and Frank Vaillant (drums). After their first album, Isphero, released in 2000, one already had an idea of this group's potential. This talented propensity is confirmed here by compositions which go their many ways in deliberately exploratory processes. One notes a real and original musical improvisation process, with a desire for musical correspondence between the melody and rhythm sections.
A powerful musical desire permeates this record, highlighted by an impressive yearning for genre transgression coming from what one feels to be a tightly knit musical group. "
Web Site : <abeillemusique.com>

" A jewel of contemporary jazz whose fluidity and density will "stay with you".....
This outstanding quartet's second album is full of contrary forces which find an anchorage point in the most stimulating confrontation between improvisation and clever writing. Print takes the shape of a magic square which has united, since 1996, Sylvain Cathala as a tenor saxophonist (the project's brainfather), Stephane Payen as an alto saxophonist, Jean-Philippe Morel on the contrabass and Frank Vaillant on the drums. Everyone of them keeps multiplying more and more audacious projects, leaning merely on liberty and movement to achieve more and more harmony (Thôt, the Hask collective, Silex, Yllen Quartet, Benzine, et al...). The quartet makes light of beat and follows a most flexible mode which almost makes us forget the complexity of the performed figures (real feats which make your soul vibrate). And you must hear it taking delight through asymmetric rhythms merging into musical climes tinged with New Music strains honed with suggestion jolt and heavily restrained impulse... [aka] Dreams is also the pleasure of taking (in four movements) the musical adventure always further while keeping superbly lyrical themes in which the two saxophones tangle and overlap in a perfect alchemy and soar in the asynchronous hilarious play which is marvellously cultivated by the round and gracious contrabass that indulges in every variation (while retaining its synchronization) and the constantly emulated drums that reach the heights of refinement... [aka] Dreams pays homage to Aka Moon a Belgian group which takes for its own use the unending exploration of the esoteric rhythmic combinations which was Steve Coleman' s calling but contrary to him [aka] Dreams frames it in a musical space wide and moving enough to let the sublime force of improvisation spring up. This jewel has been released by the Yolk label established between Nantes and Tours whose will is to offer the entire freedom of expression which a musician who has freed himself from musical genres can legitimately request. So it is no accident if Alban Darche (a saxophonist) boasts among his followers numerous artists who contribute to the revival of today 's jazz.
Thank you for being there. "
Web Site : <loreille.com>.

" Intricate metrics, improvisation freedom, formal rigor and originality, this music is a credit to the new French jazz generation. "
AMR Geneve (Suisse), 2003.

" Having reached maturity after being around for 5 years, Print embodies, in its most vivid form, the quality of contemporary jazz in our country. Around saxophonist Sylvain Cathala, the quartet's hub and composer of its repertoire, there comes to life a music whose present already looks towards the future. Complex metrics, the irrepressible pulsation of jazz, freedom to improvise and formal rigor, everything contributes to make Print a creativily model. "
Xavier Prevost, Presences Festival 2002.

" Created in 1996, the music group led by Sylvain Cathala is now coming of age to offer us the best of young contemporany creation. Four musicians endowed with bubbling creativity for a music which combines intricate metrics with speech fluidity. A journey full of sudden new developments in a universe influenced by Tim Berne and Steve Coleman. "
Frank Medioni.

" This music group which is close to the Hask collective, ventures into the footsteps of saxophonist Steve Coleman's M'Base collective, while creating its own original expression. The compositions are by Sylvain Cathala ; they carry up the two wind instrument performers supported by telluric rythmics to the summits of these volcanoes whose appetite for eruptions has just been satisfied. "
Jazz Pyr.

" This is one of the major music groups of the new French generation of jazz musicians. This group's prime mover, Sylvain Cathala, proposes a very open music, swinging from score to improvisation, both lyrical and structured. One inevitably thinks of Steve Coleman for the mixture of science and euphoria, magnificently served by four of the most gifted performers. "
Chalon sur Saône Jazz Club.

" Tenor saxophonist Sylvain Cathala's music group is one of the most exciting of the new French jazz generation. To be discovered immediately. "
Le Monde.

Press PRINT :


- Agenda Fnac, january 2004

- Jazz Notes, December 2003

- L'humanité, 19.12.2003

- Vibration, December 2003-January 2004

- Jazzosphère, December 2003

- Jazz Magazine, "2003 en Émois", December 2003

- Vandojazz, November 2003

- Jazz Man, November 2003

- Ouest France, November 2003

- Jazz Man October 2002

- Journal du Centre, 21 et 28 May 2002

- Les Bruits de la Fabrica'Son, Nov. 2001

- Jazz Man July - August 2001

- Le Monde (Aden), 15 May 2001

- Jazz Magazine March 2001

- Jazz Man, January 2001

- Jazz Magazine, December 2000

- La Nouvelle République, 19 May 2000

- Le Monde, 14 July 1999

- Jazz Man, April 1999

- Jazz Man, January 1999


Radio :

- 15 January 2004, France Musiques, S. Cathala's interview "Un poco Agitato" (Yvan Amar) :

- 03 January 2004, Aligre FM, S. Cathala's interview, "Jazz Box" (Jacques Thévenet)

- 02 December 2003, France Musiques, "Jazz Poursuite" (Arnaud Merlin)

- 29 November 2003, Radio Clapas (Montpellier), S. Cathala's interview "En cas 2 Jazz" (Alain Vacquié)

- 04 November 2003, FIP

- October - november 2003, Jet FM 91

- 05 October 2003, France Musiques "Le Jazz, Probablement" (Xavier Prévost)

- January - May 2002, TSF

- 24 february 2002, France Musiques "Le Jazz, Probablement" (Xavier Prévost) : concert diffusion (rec. 09.02 at "Présences 2002")

- 22 february 2002 : International diffusion for "Présences 02" Print 's concert in following UE country :

Danemark, Espagne, Pays-Bas, Portugal, Belgique (Flandres et Wallonie), Hongrie, Lettonie, République Tchèque, Roumanie, Finlande, Suède, Suisse (Canton du Tessin, de langue italienne), Grèce, Islande, Norvège, Slovénie

- 20 December 2001, France Inter, Pascale Clarck "Tam Tam Etc"

- November 2001, radio Canut (Lyon)

- 18 september 2001, Radio Canut (Lyon)

- 23 april 2001, Judaïque FM " Jazzpirine ", S. Cathala's interview by M. Feldstein.

- April - may 2001,TSF

- 16 march2001, Agora FM (F. Viale)

- 12 march - 16 march 2001, radio Clapa (Montpellier) by V. Tronc

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- 01 march 1999, Judaïque FM " Jazzpirine ", S. Cathala's interview by M. Feldstein.

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Sylvain Cathala


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Katy Roberts


Katy Roberts

Jazz pianist, composer, arranger



- Feb. 2003 : Live recording with Mra Oma and Brotherhood at the Petite Journal Montparnasse

- 2002 : Produced and recorded her new CD-Katy Roberts Septet-"The Vibe" released in Paris Jan. 2003

- 1990-2002 : Katy Roberts Trio, Quartet and Sextet perform regularly in clubs and concert halls in and around Paris and other European capitals.

- 1990-2002 : As a sideperson she has played piano and keyboards with several other groups including Ricky Ford, Sonny Simmons, Rasul Siddik, Oliver Johnson, Ku-Umba Frank Lacy, Black Pyramid, and Mra Oma to name just a few.

- 1997 : Co-produced and released Katy Roberts Trios CD with Billy Hart, Ron Mc- clure, Gildas Scournec and Chris Dailey.

- 1993-2002 : Pianist with the Ku-Umba Frank Lacy Quartet. Frequent European tours and the recording "Settegast Strutt" (Tutu-Enja Label.) Houston Jazz Festival '97. Performed with his big band at the Blue Note in New York City, April,2002.

- 1997 : Banlieues Bleues Actions Musicales with Manda Djinn. Gospel workshops and performances with a subsequent tour throughout France as a duo.

- 1995-2002 : Pianist and arranger with Mra Oma and Brotherhood sextet. Concerts and tours. Recorded in Paris,1996. Performances live on Radio France.

- 1990 : Performed with her trio at the "Festival de Paris", (Radio France).

- 1983-1989 : Club and concert performances in Boston and around New England including performances with Avery Sharp, Alan Dawson, Gene Jackson, Billy Hart, Antonio Hart, Selim Washington, Charles McPhearson and others.

- 1983-1987 : Solo pianist at the Sheraton and Westin Hotels, Boston.


- 1996-2002 : Professor, Ear Training and Ensemble, Bill Evans Piano Academy, Paris, France.

- 1990-1996 : Professor, Institut Art Culture Perception (IACP) Paris, France. Directed jazz ensembles of up to 12, taught harmony and improvisational techniques and wrote arrangements for her performing classes. Directed concerts of her classes at Montreux Jazz "Festival Off".

- 1988-1990 : Professor, Ensemble Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass. Directed instrumental and vocal Jazz Ensembles. Additional duties included teaching in the Piano Department.
Instructed Ensemble and Jazz Piano at New England Conservatory of Music, (Extension Division).


- 1988 : National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Study grant to work with JoAnne Brackeen.

- 1983-1985 : Master of Music with Academic Honors, Major in Jazz Studies, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. Studies with George Russel and William Thomas McKinley.

- 1975-1979 : Bachelor of Music, Applied Piano, Magna Cum Laude, Berklee College of Music, Boston.

- 1977-1981 : Private study, advanced improvisational techniques with Charles Banacos, Boston.

- 1974-1975 : Studies in traditional West African Music and Ethnomusicology, University of Ghana, Institute of African Studies, Accra, Ghana.


5, rue du Moulin Joly
75011 Paris, France
Tel. (33)-1 4807-0632
Email- katyroberts@free.fr
http://www.jazzvalley.com/musician /katy.roberts

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Sonny Simmons

Sonny Simmons

duet with guitarist Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut :

The Future is Ancient (Nolabel, June 2004).



Duet with guitarist Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut. - Sonny Simmons brings forth the " voice of the ancient east " against waves of noisy guitar. Also reminiscent of Dolphy's ghost, this is not " avant-garde " or wild experiments; it's all about chant, like the sufi's, and the blues, as Hendrix reinvented it. The balance between Shurdut's angry riffs and Simmons' tender strength creates music as cathartic as ever - music that brings inner peace.


" Don't bury me yet. I'm still standing up in the world, living to play another day! "

C'est par ces quelques mots qu'un artiste " bien vivant " se signale sur eBay, à l'occasion de la vente de son nouvel album, enregistré avec le guitariste Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (The Future is Ancient, nolabel, juin 2004).

Il faut déplorer que Sonny Simmons soit essentiellement connu en tant que " figure historique ", surtout en Europe. Il l'est certes ; faut-il rappeler qu'il fut le compagnon d'Eric Dolphy, Sonny Rollins, Bobby Hutcherson, Charles Moffett, Billy Higgins, Clifford Jordan, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner ; le maître d'oeuvre, auprès de Prince Lasha, des Firebirds (The Cry !), et, en son nom propre, de parutions essentielles du " free " jazz (Staying On The Watch, Manhattan Egos, Burning Spirits...) ? Suite à des temps troublés, Sonny Simmons a connu dans les années 90 une véritable résurrection, et fait preuve depuis Ancient Ritual (1994) d'une très grande vitalité. Il n'a cessé de tourner et de jouer avec ses pairs (Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille Oliver Lake, David Murray, Sunny Murray, Horace Tapscott, Reggie Workman), avec une nouvelle génération (Cyndy Blackman, Brandon Evans, Charnett Moffett), et a à son actif en dix ans à peine une vingtaine d'enregistrements (voir la discographie).

On peut l'entendre, ces derniers temps, au sein des Cosmosamatics, groupe qu'il a co-fondé avec un multi-instrumentiste de renom, Michael Marcus, et qui publie ce mois-ci son cinquième album (Magnitudes, Soul Note). Sonny Simmons publie aussi Jewels, une précieuse bande en solo à l'alto, qui n'avait connu jusqu'à ce jour qu'une diffusion très limitée (Jewels, Boxholder). Enfin, il se produit en Europe au mois de novembre (avec les Cosmosamatics : voir rubrique Actualités).

The Future is Ancient, pour confidentiel que soit cet enregistrement (lui aussi paraît en édition limitée), fait date. Son initiateur, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, anime le studio F.M.A. (Forever Music and The Arts) à New York, où il a aussi enregistré avec Hamid Drake. On l'entend ici à la guitare, et il est crédité pour son important travail de mixage du son. Car, plus que d'improvisation ou d'expérimentation, il est question ici de fusion - au sens où cette musique est intensément fusionnelle.

L'alto de Sonny Simmons évoque tour à tour l'Orient, Dolphy, Parker,... sur des vagues de guitare noisy. Le " bruit blanc ", descendant direct du blues hendrixien et de l'underground rock qui s'est développé parallèlement au free jazz dans les années 60 (le Velvet Underground), rencontre la voix d'un Orient mystérieux - " the Ancient East ", titre d'un enregistrement récent du saxophoniste. C'est la magie de cette confrontation, au-delà d'un quelconque " avant-gardisme " (rien de tel affiché ici) qui fait le prix de The Future is Ancient : jamais la sonorité de Simmons n'a été plus pure, se détachant ici d'autant mieux de l'impénétrable trame sonore construite par Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut que celle-ci paraît au tout premier abord étrangère à l'univers de ce solide représentant d'un jazz libre mais soucieux de la tradition. Comme on vient de l'indiquer, Sonny Simmons s'est beaucoup intéressé à la musique moyen- et extrême-orientale. La chose n'est pas neuve, et de telles influences sont déjà perceptibles à la fin des années 60 au sein des Firebirds (deuxième période : Firebirds, Contemporary ; Live at Monterey, Birdseye) ou sur Manhattan Egos (Seven Dances Of Salome). 2001 l'a vu s'intéresser à la philosophie et à la musique d'Ustad Khan et produire un chef d'¤uvre dépouillé, musique de méditation et d'invocation (Tales Of The Ancient East/For Ustad Bismillah Khan, Parallactic), démarche qu'il poursuit ici, la connectant d'une part à ses racines urbaines (Shurdut et ses riffs radicaux, angoissés), et bop d'autre part (fièvre parkerienne ; chant inspiré de Dolphy). Aussi cette musique se veut-elle universelle : " c'est la musique du nouveau millénaire, riche et provocatrice, improvisée et créative. Ce nouveau CD donne à entendre une musique proprement cosmique avec conviction, intégrité, et en fin de compte - la beauté, absolue ", écrit Sonny (" This is the new music of the millenium, rich and provocative, creatively improvised. This music has the elements of music from the Cosmos with conviction, integrity and finally absolute beauty. ") L'habitude prise de se produire en solo témoigne sans doute d'une paix retrouvée (on entend Sonny seul à quelques reprises) ; paix qu'il communique à l'environnement volontiers sombre du guitariste, et qui parvient même à en triompher, comme elle triomphe chez l'auditeur attentif : de ce chant et de son contre-chant naît une musique aux vertus curatives, comme le fut celle de Coltrane, celle d'Ayler, dont il reste le dépositaire. - Puissance et fragilité du saxophone, voix éternelle du jazz, dominant la furie sonore ; l'équilibre qui crée les conditions d'une véritable catharsis.

N.D.R.L. Please note that a few CDs of Sonny's latest record The Future Is Ancient (duet with guitarist Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut) should be available from Paris Jazz Corner (5, rue de Navarre, 75005 PARIS) and the website : <www.parisjazzcorner.com>.


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Created in 1997, ZIMMERMANN/DE POURQUERY QUINTET is the result of a long term collaboration beetween two solists who are more and more noticed in the french jazz area and three " rythmicians " among the most appreciated sidemen from the new generation. After years, this meeting of individualities has commuted into a real group, whose repertory is totally based on original compositions, asserting an esthetic and a sound which belongs to them : a music made with romantic atmospheres, which claim the importance of melody, and where solists are giving the priority to lyrism and generosity. After a first album in 2000, the quintet has just finished its new recording after the awarding of prices at the french main jazz competition of La Défense in 2002 (1st price of orchestra, 1st et 2nd price of solist, 1st price of composition).

Thomas de POURQUERY (saxophones) begun playing tenor at 14 years old, then chose alto after listening to Stefano Di Battista with whom he will study for years. He entered the CNSM (French National Conservatory) in 1998 whose director Francois Jeanneau will call him later for Paolo Damiani's ONJ (Jazz National Orchestra, 2001-2002). He plays in the bands of Laurent Cugny (BigBand Lumière and quintet), Andy Emler Megaoctet, Frank Lacy, Frédéric Monino, Francis Lassus, Linlay Marthe, and also in " Ratz ", a quartet with Médéric Collignon and Paul Rogers. He was rewarded with the second price of solist at La Défense in 2002.

Daniel ZIMMERMANN plays the trombone since the age of 8. When he was 16 years old, he discovered Funk music, his favorite style until he entered the CNSM in 1997. From then, he played in Laurent Cugny 's Big Band Lumière, François Jeanneau's P.O.M., Albert Mangelsdorf's german/french orchestra, Moniomania, with George Russell, Antoine Hervé, Ricky Ford, the Jean-Marie Ecay Group, Mister Gang, Sergent Garcia, Mambomania, Gus Gus╔ Member of Fred Pallem's Sacre du Tympan , coleader of Spice'Bones, he is also the trombonist of Claude Nougaro's last band. He was rewarded with the first price of solist at La Défense in 2002.

Jérôme RATEAU (piano) played with Michel Portal, Daniel Humair, Stéphane Belmondo, Josetcho Goya, François Verly, Marc Buronfosse, Jean-Jacques Avenel, and also with Big Band Turquoise. Today he is conducting his own big band, le Grand Rateau, and for this purpose he was rewarded with the first price of composition at La Défense in 2002.

After he had started with classical violin, Diego IMBERT adopted the electric bass and then the double-bass in 1993. He played with many great jazz musicians, such as Archie Shepp, Lew Soloff, André Ceccarelli, Philippe Catherine, Bob Mintzer, Ted Curson, Antonio Farao, Franck Avitabile, Stéphane Belmondo, Pierre de Bethmann╔ Member of the Regional Jazz Orchestra of Lorraine, right now he is the bassist of Sylvain B¤uf's trio and Bireli Lagrene's " Gipsy Project ".

Frédéric DELESTRE played the drums with musicians like Sylvain Beuf, Tommy Smith, Albert Mangelsdorff, Emmanuel Bex, Sarah Lazarus, Boris Blanchet, David Patrois, Jean-Loup Longnon, Olivier Temime, Mark Turner, Jon Gordon, Pierre de Bethmann╔in most of the parisians jazz clubs for many years.


Photo of Sylvain Gripoix


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Daniel Zimmermann

Tel : 06 08 82 64 25 ou 01 69 40 16 57
Email : zimmer@free.fr

Thomas de Pourquery

Tél : 06 82 94 03 84


For more informations,
You can go on the Internet website of this group :



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