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Presentation of Jazz-Passion




Jazz-Passion is a website founded by a jazz lover on August 21st, 2002,
inside POSITIFS (an association fighting against AIDS) website
(with 5 millions people connected and over),
Jazz-Passion quickly became one of the most visited websites on the subject.

Over 1000 pages and 2000 pictures under 25 headings,
dealing on various topics : literature, movies, fine arts...

If you wish to participate, you can send articles, reviews,
photographs and illustrated reports (in French or in English).

Our services include, at their request, free adds for the musicians :
presentation of their work, announcement of concerts and records release.

Following the launching of the website, we set up a series of concerts :
" Jazz in Live at the Comedia " and " Jazz in Live at the University " (2002-2003).
We thus established a lasting relationship with many great musicians,
everytime meeting with the same crucial problem : finding places to perform live music.
We hope to pursue this activity in the near future and are awaiting proposals
from institutions or individuals owning any places to welcome performing artists.

The goal of this venture is to share a passion,
to try to change the mind of people suffering from AIDS
and to partipate to the fight against social precariousness generated by AIDS.

The launching of a companion website to Jazz-Passion, " Surréalisme 21 ",
devoted to surrealism and its surroundings, is the next step of this project.

To receive regular information regarding our activities, mail to :





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